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My Philosophy

Seeking help is not shameful, it's courageous.

In society, talking about sex is still seen as taboo. But why? I strongly believe it shouldn't be, simply because it's human to crave intimacy, sex, and everything involved. Perhaps you're struggling with maintaining a "spicy" connection with a partner, looking for a relationship, or experiencing difficulty navigating through life.

I understand that in BIPOC communities, sex is taboo and off-limits to talk about even when we need help. I pull from personal and professional experience to treat relationship incompatibility, sexual issues, and trauma, particularly in minority communities. I provide therapy services to individuals and couples looking to improve themselves and thrive.

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My Professional Background

What Makes Me Stand Out

Credentials: APCC #12046, AMFT #134637

Supervised by Dr. Rossana Sida, LMFT #116114

Forensic Clinician

June 2021 - April 2022

I provided mandated treatment to sex offenders by conducting individual and group counseling using a restorative justice approach. I provided psychoeducation pertaining to various topics including coping skills, cognitive distortions, social skills, transitional counseling, and processing trauma.

Lead Substance Use Disorders Counselor (SUDC)

As lead SUDC, I trained staff on writing session notes, group and individual counseling, and managed a caseload of my own. I provided substance use addiction counseling and offered insight on coping skills.

June 2020 - June 2021

Note-taking Services Assistant

January 2018 - October 2019

At CSULA, I was the assistant to the note-taking coordinator and I was responsible for ensuring students' accommodations were being met, specifically in the note-taking services department. I also volunteered as a note-taker myself for 7 years.

Academic Consultant

May 2019 - May 2021

I created a consulting business to assist individuals in applying for graduate school and searching for their profession. My specialties were resume-building, cover letters, personal statements, and job interviewing.

Tutor for Neurodiverse Students

I tutored many students who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I helped with social skills building, organization, time-management, homework, and applying for college. Many of my students pursued higher education and are flourishing in their studies.

August 2015 - August 2019

My Specialties

Disabilities and Sexuality

To my knowledge, Togetherness Therapy is the first and only private practice in West Los Angeles to offer sex therapy to individuals with disabilities. As a certified rehabilitation counselor, I have obtained additional knowledge to better serve the disability community. I am devoted to helping you navigate challenges that are related to your disability and use your strengths to your advantage. Despite societal beliefs, I know that individuals with disabilities have sexual needs/wants and are able to foster romantic relationships. The problem is the lack of information and services catered to this community. Let's change that... one session at a time.

Interracial and Interabled Relationships

Interracial relationships are relationships where partners are from different racial/ethnic backgrounds. From personal experience and research, being in an interracial relationship can pose many challenges from cultural ideologies, society, and personal beliefs, however many of these issues can be resolved through effort and communication. Interabled relationships consist of a partner who has a disability and the other who does not. I specialize in both of these types of relationships and can help you work toward building a healthy relationship, reducing stigma, and fostering a loving connection.

Sexual Compatibility & Difficulties

We are human and our bodies are changing all the time. Healthy relationships require compromise and compatible views/lifestyles. I can help with sudden changes in sexual desire and navigating through relationship challenges. I have a specific interest in helping people who are asexual and ways to get creative in the bedroom.


Trauma can come with a wide array of positive and negative consequences. It is sometimes inevitable and can be very unfortunate. Sometimes it may feel like the damage and hurt placed on us will leave scars that are visible forever. As recent research and books suggest, trauma lives inside the body, and through therapy, we can reclaim what IS rightfully yours. Your body, mind, thoughts, sexuality, and more. Who says pain needs to last forever?

Therapy Approaches

Learn more in the resources section.

Trauma-Informed Care

Client-Centered / Person-Centered Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

Adlerian Therapy


Get to Know Me

Ever since I was young, I knew I was different than others. A lot of times, I felt alone and lost. Little did I know that taking my first psychology class in high school would be the beginning of my profession. Learning about human behavior, past trauma, and other people's backgrounds intrigued me. And instead of watching others struggle, I wanted to be that one person who can reassure that everything was going to be okay, even though the light at the end of the tunnel appears non-existent at the time. 

Growing up in an Asian community, I noticed people were very secretive about intimacy and their love lives. This became even more apparent when sex education comprised of textbook images of male and female anatomy and a short story about sex my P.E. teacher gave to the class. It wasn’t until college that topics and information about sex were more widely accessible and partially discussed. I was confused about why this was until I factored in cultural values, stereotypes, and misconceptions that were given by society. This was enough for me to pursue a sex therapy and rehabilitation counseling profession. 

As an associate clinical counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor, I am dedicating my life's work to helping you navigate through life, specifically relationship-related and sexual challenges. Together, we may overcome many obstacles that were previously seen as impossible.

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