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At Togetherness Therapy, we offer a variety of groups. Below are a list of groups that I personally facilitate with the guidance of my supervisor. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interest in joining these groups. Thank you for your interest.

Image by Andrew Moca

Singles Process Group

Togetherness Therapy offers a therapy group for unmarried adults who are working towards obtaining and/or maintaining healthy romantic relationships. The group will focus on confidence, flirting, dating, managing anxiety, working through loss, finding patterns in your dating style, communication, and more. Groups like these are highly beneficial as members often gain insight into their own setbacks through their interactions and find support and likeness with their peers.

Image by Markus Spiske

Asexuality Support Group

Asexuality or "ace" for short, is a spectrum of complete or lack of sexual attraction/interest in engaging in sexual activities with others. Togetherness Therapy offers an asexual support group for individuals who identify as asexual, regardless of dating status (single or in a relationship). Like any successful relationship, it requires compromise, understanding, and open communication. In this group, members will feel empowered and understand that they are not alone in the challenges they experience. Members will learn how to navigate dating, form relationships, facilitate open communication, and learn alternatives to sexual activities.

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